Why Work With a CFP® Professional

Our Values

Protecting your family, your legacy and your business is our most important objective.

Our clients work hard to nurture and grow their wealth. We are grateful for our client relationships and are committed to guiding them to financial success.

Our clients value our customized process and dedication. They benefit from knowing that, although unexpected life changes can occur, we help plan accordingly to reduce the impact and maximize growth opportunities.

Our Promises to You

Empowering & Inspiring

We give you the knowledge, confidence and ability to take control of your life. We are committed to inspiring you, starting at our initial meeting, and we continue to empower you to build a healthy wealth plan for life.


You will notice that we focus on your best interests and speak the truth. Our clients appreciate that we are realistic and have the knowledge to determine the best options to support their wealth future. We have an open door policy and are happy to discuss how we are compensated.

Service Oriented

You will have the support of a qualified team that is proactive, dependable and open. We have a proven customized process called The Wellth Process™ that we will take you through. You can trust that you will be looked after and can be confident in our process.


Our team is passionate about learning the latest in the financial industry for you. We are affiliated with nationally acclaimed Raymond James Financial Ltd. who provides financial services for individuals and corporations. We also share our knowledge and experiences at regular speaking engagements.


Your wealth planning involves several services that are strategically integrated into a systematized plan. We successfully manage client’s wealth plans due, in large part, to our passionate team, effective tools and abundant resources. We look at all aspects of your plan and develop a complete financial strategy.


We are always in your corner looking out for you. Our focus is on keeping your wealth healthy. We take the time to answer your questions, are flexible to your needs and schedule and explain the options that best fit your situation and goals in an understandable, caring way.

The most widely recognized financial planning designation in Canada and worldwide, the Certified Financial Planner® designation provides assurance to Canadians that the design of their financial future rests with a professional who will put their clients’ interests ahead of their own. CFP certification is considered the standard for the financial planning profession worldwide. CFP professionals have demonstrated the knowledge, skills, experience and ethics to examine their clients’ entire financial picture, at the highest level of complexity required of the profession, and work with their clients to build a financial plan so that they can Live Life Confidently.