Jodi Milligan Headshot
Jodi Milligan Senior Branch Administrator Life Insurance Licensed

Jodi has been a key part of Living Financial since 2004. She takes great care in keeping up to date on policies and procedures within the industry, ensuring clients have a smooth transition over to our business and that all questions are answered in a timely fashion. She will always greet you with a smile when you come in, heck even when she speaks on the phone you can tell she is smiling.

Although she started working with Christian in 2004, she has been working within the industry since 2001. She started out as a receptionist for a small investment firm in her home town of Ottawa, ON.

Jodi will be the first to tell you that she had absolutely no idea what this industry was all about when she started! Now all these years later, she has completed her life insurance qualification, her Canadian Securities Course, and she brings a wealth of knowledge when it comes to industry forms and paperwork.

She can also explain things in easy to understand language for those who have no idea about the differences in accounts, because she remembers being there.

Jodi originally grew up in the city of Ottawa. Her mother owned a daycare and her father worked for the city of Ottawa. Growing up she always felt that big city life was not for her. “It’s much too fast paced” she says, “everyone is always in a rush!”

She moved away from Ottawa with her husband, Brad, in 2004 and never looked back. She does still enjoy her time up that way and goes back often to visit with family and friends.

Jodi is an avid walker and can be seen most days walking on her break. If you see her out walking, say “Hi”. She is out in all weather except lightning storms, she draws the line when the potential to be struck down by Mother Nature is imminent!

Quinte West is now her home town and she could not be happier, enjoying life to the fullest with her husband Brad and their 3 children, Mirella, Reed and Emma.